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BBL & Cellulite Treatments

That derriere needs some love? 

We can improve the quality by helping diminish cellulite and add volume to areas that need it. It's not cheap, and it's not surgery. But it's safe and there is not downtime. It may take two or three 'sittings' (ok, you won't be sitting as we work), but results can be subtle or dramatic depending upon what you are after.

We use subcision to break up scar tissue, and growth factors, Sculptra or CaHa to build and smooth. Sometimes we add BTL Exilis to smooth and lift. Schedule a consult to see what RejuvaWell can do for you here in Austin.


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Take Care of Your Body

It's important to recognize limitation of our work and the need for your contribution. We cannot build the muscle, or moisturize for you. Proper skin care cream that is massaged into the area not only moisturizes, but helps maintain a smooth contour.

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