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Under the Duvet


Often a double (or triple) chin is acquired not just by age, excess fat, sagging of the chin, and laxity in the neck, but rather the sum of muscle and fat falling south from higher up in your face. And sometimes, restoring or adding to a weak chin can make a huge difference in both your chin and neck.   We offer several chin solutions:

Before and After Chin Filler Correction

The chin in this photo was filled with 1.5 mL of HA filler.Often people don't realize that the most impactful change they can make is to add a chin. This patient told us she wanted cheeks. She was astonished by the difference.

Before/After Jawline Filler

This person wanted his jawline back. To accomplish dramatic results like this, we needed to address several areas higher in the face first. But no surgery! 

BTL Exilis

For just a pocket under the chin, either truSculpt 3D, a quick painless 2 treatment protocol may do the trick by killing the fat cells which will metabolize out of your body within 3 months. truSculpt also tightens skin, so this single option may do the trick alone!

Using painless and very effective radiofrequency and ultrasound with our Exilis Ultra machine tightens skin significantly creating the final gorgeous result. See this before and after photo taken on a 67 year old woman. No fat reduction, just skin tightening and this image is after just one treatment!

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