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Doing It Differently

Aesthetics is Art. And it requires complete trust and confidence in your provider. 

Though of course I want to hear your goals, when it's time for the work, I need creative license to do what I think is best.

At the intersection of regenerative beauty and aesthetics lies a powerful new approach. We embrace the process of aging and believe that true wellness means supporting your body's natural regenerative processes.

My mission is to provide expert, personalized care that helps you become your best self. After reflecting on my own experiences during the pandemic, I decided to transform my practice. I've transitioned from a large group practice to a private, one-on-one service.

My home is a duplex, with one side transformed into a serene, private spa. To ensure the utmost privacy and exclusivity, I only share the street address with clients who have been accepted or referred to me. And I only recommend treatments that I truly believe will benefit you.

Injectable Lounge

Most clinics offer one brand of dermal filler injectables: typically Allergan or Galderma. Doctors get better pricing by sticking with one injectables brand. It makes business sense to stick with one brand since products are so expensive.


However, it doesn’t make ‘skin’ sense. I evaluate every face and determine the best product to use. Therefore, what sets us apart is our commitment to insuring the ideal product for your skin thickness, age and overall needs is selected, independent from benefit pricing to us. 

Safety, Results, Price. You decide which two are most important.

Image by Melissa Di Rocco

Face Spa

We provide the tools for you at the spa and at home to optimize your complexion. Proudly Offering:


Body sculpting and shaping is a popular alternative to surgical approaches in helping sculpt a more ideal image. It’s not just a machine, it’s a highly trained clinician who artistically sculpts without a scalpel. We have two options available.

  1. TruSculpt 3 D – Large or small handpiece

  2. Exilis Ultra

Image by Ilia Zolas

Regenerative Therapy

Aging is truly a progressive degenerative process. Over time the body and its cells naturally deteriorate which ultimately may causes a decrease in bone density, collagen and fat. Using filler as a tool alone can lead to 'filler face'. We've all seen it. But bio-stimulating agents can force your body to repair and make new collagen.

The good news is there are new methods to arrest and even reverse degeneration. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) - the grown up cousin of PRP,  can provide regeneration for many candidates. Adding in Sculptra and CaHa can make significant positive changes that keep getting better for over a year.

Intimate Enhancements

We all suffer as we age from some combination of decreased lubrication, thinner skin or stress urinary incontinence. Whether due to age or hormonal shifts or illness, you DO have control and virtually always we can make a significant difference in the lives of women.

Image by Jay Castor
Image by Fleur Kaan

Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be due to illness, hormonal shifts or genetic predispositions. Using PRF and/or Exosomes can help drive hair follicle growth. In conjunction with an LED cap, results are often truly restorative.

At RejuvaWell in Austin, we offer Comprehensive Regenerative, Rejuvenating and Restorative solutions by creating a nexus between restoration and regeneration. 

Woman Having Lip Botox

We merge science and technology, providing a melding of regenerative aesthetic services in the comfort of a private setting where you will not see anyone else. Our diverse array of services is tailored just for you.

Please feel free to read our google reviews!

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Because we think healthy skin is beautiful, let us assist you in reaching both goals at our aesthetics spa in Austin today.

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