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OMG Shot, Oh My!

The O-Shot and P-Shot are proprietary branded names for one procedure using PRP. PRF is a far superior choice as the number of growth factors is multi-fold what PRF offers. 

The procedure involved numbing the appropriate areas (of course!) and drawing 1-2 vials of your blood. After it is spun down, the growth factors and regenerative components are extracted and injected into the areas required. Though it might seem painful, we promise, it's not. Results take up to 4 months to appreciate and we a minimum of two session is recommended. We perform this procedure on both men and women. For women, it is often combined with the Femme 360 procedure as that tissue is pre-heated and ideal for PRF transfer.


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How Does This Work?

Growth factors, PRF, PRP, some Stem Cells, all work to generate collagen and new tissue growth which leads to a restoration of some of what has been lost.

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