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Gynecological Services in Austin

Woman with beautiful skin and dark hairScience has come along way in discovering the intricacies of women’s health, confirming just how much of your reproductive health plays a role in your overall well-being? The providers at RejuvaWell believe that knowledge is your power to create the healthiest you at any life cycle stage and we understand many factors influence your health. Therefore, we treat the mind, body, and spirit synergistically through our state of the art medical spa facility.

We offer the following integrative gynecological services:

  • Fertility testing
  • Pelvic Pain Diagnosis
  • Expert in Essure Removal
  • Endometriosis treatment plans
  • Pelvic prolapse evaluation

RejuvaWell combines comprehensive pharmacogenetic, integrative, nutrigenomic, specialized lab testing and mixes them with proven, FDA certified technologies as well as rejuvenating, mindfulness-building spa services that treat each woman as a whole being rather than a sum of body parts.

Suffering from hot flashes is something that every woman dreads as menopause approaches. Here at RejuvaWell we specialize in hormone replacement therapy and has devised the only integrative hormonal mapping system in the world. Our caring staff is available to help you with your hormone replacement needs, so you can live without the uncomfortable side effects of menopause.

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