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Michelle Paris, MA, DC

In the aesthetics world, I have been consistently training for 6 years. Safety and results are the top priority. I've been a medical professional for 28 years, and keeping on top of current technology and research takes most of my time. For every hour I spend with you, assume I've spent 6 additional hours taking courses, doing research and practicing.

Most people don't want to leave looking differently, they want to look like themselves. I quip that I am often surprised when I pass a mirror because in my mind's eye, I look so much better than I actually look. Bring photos from 10, 20 or 30 years ago. that will help me see your specific age-related progression and you can tell me which parts of your former self you want to recreate.

If you really want to know about me, please read my blurb below.


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Areas of Expertise

Science & Art

Dermal Solutions including fillers, neuromodulators, biostimulators and intimate enhancements.


  • Prollenium Versa 2016

  • TLATA – Neuromodulators 2016

  • Allergan and Galderma provider online training

  • AAPOM (American Academy of Procedural & Occupational Medicine) 2019 - Present

    • Advanced neuromodulators

    • Facial analysis and filler training

    • PRP for sexual health and hair restoration

  • Victoria Hunter, NP one-on-one individual advanced training - October 2019-and December 2019

  • Galderma hands-on training, AMSPA (American Medical Spa Association) Las Vegas, January 2020

  • Merz Training, Kristin Palmer, NP – Radiesse Hyper-dilute as bio-stimulating agent March 2020

  • Sculptra Training 2021, Galderma, 

  • RHA Training: Teoxane and Brooke Nicole, 2021, 2022

  • Swift Beauty Training

  • Brooke Nicole, August 2022

  • RHA training June 2022, July 2022, October 2022

  • Radiesse Jawline Advanced Training, October 2022

  • Proficient in Conversational Spanish

I opened RejuvaWell in late 2016 to fill a personal need. As I aged, I found I was running around to hormone specialists and aesthetics clinics. As a chiropractor, I found that neither of these places were addressing the whole person, just a cheek, or a symptom. I wanted to do it better. ​ So in late 2016  I opened a big clinic, hired several providers and decided I would become the conductor of the orchestra. But I found that spa injectors as a group, are often unreliable and because they are usually young, they want to leave at 5 for happy hour. (Seriously, I had a 25 year old NP tell me that I just didn't understand how important it was that she leave early to see her friends.) The pandemic had us pivot to public health service and we became a large Covid testing lab long before tests were readily available. Following 2 years of 90 hour workweeks and lots of employees, like many others, I re-evaluated what was important to me.  I moved RejuvaWell into one half of a duplex that I own and it's just me! Now I have complete control over the entire patient experience and I am loving it.  Though I work with young people who want to plump up their lips, and I also treat many men,  my target market is 45-75 year olds. Why? Because I'm one of them and I understand what that want and need. One of the issues I had when I myself was going to spas, was that the practitioner would ask me what 'bothered me'. I found this completely frustrating because I look at me every day. I wanted to know what their artistic eye and scientifically skilled knowledge thought I shoul