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Non-Surgical Body Sculpting in Austin

Woman in work out clothesMany people struggle with unwanted fat pockets despite diet and exercise. While effective for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, dieting and exercise may not always be enough to get rid of unwanted, stubborn fat deposits. Invasive procedures such as liposuction are not right for everyone, which is why RejuvaWell offers non-surgical body sculpting alternatives to help unveil your better side.

CoolSculpt? SculpSure? UltraShape Power? Nope, not our choice! Feel free to research why we have chosen an entirely new cutting-edge option that is more effective than alternatives, has no down-time and is remarkably quick and easy, yielding a natural result.

The TruSculpt® 3D body sculpting procedure takes a multi-dimensional approach to actual fat cell destruction resulting in up to 24% fat loss.

Circumferential reduction and body sculpting by delivering precise therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose tissue is applied in a unique way that gives patients the highest clinical efficacy in the shortest possible treatment time. This targeted, approach ensures optimal results are achieved. Exilis Ultra is a different body sculpting machine that is terrific for reducing cellulite, kills fat cells and smooths out skin composition.

Two Different Options

Body sculpting and shaping is a popular alternative to surgical approaches in helping sculpt a more ideal image. It’s not just a machine, it’s a highly trained clinician who artistically sculpts without a scalpel. We have two options available.

  1. TruSculpt 3 D – Large or small handpiece
  2. Exilis Ultra

Both solutions are radiofrequency technologies which means that skin is tightened simultaneously at the treatment site. A cool sculpt option is cool, and will not tighten skin.

Small areas such as most upper arms, under the chin, armpit, knees can be treated just with the truSculpt small handpiece. The protocol is two treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart. Final results can take up to 12 weeks as the body metabolizes and excretes the destroyed fat cells.

Larger areas are treated with the large truSculpt handpiece and require only one treatment. This also takes up to 12 weeks for the final results to materialize.

Exilis Ultra can be set to just tighten skin, or to blast fat AND tighten skin. For larger areas, we have found that combining truSculpt with Exilis leads to a smoother, more uniform result. A typical Exilis protocol is once a week for 4 weeks. Results can take 6-12 weeks to appreciate. Exilis will not destroy as much adipose tissue as truSculpt, but for many people and in many areas, this is all that is required.

The standard protocol for larger areas such as abdomen, bra or back fat, flanks or saddlebags, is one truSculpt treatment, followed by 4 Exilis treatments once a week, starting 2 weeks after the initial truSculpt treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many non-surgical body shaping treatments will I need?

Each person has their own distinct aesthetic vision. We will help you achieve yours. Our specialists will devise a non-surgical body shaping treatment plan perfectly tailored to your cosmetic goals.

What areas can be treated with non-surgical body shaping?

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Flanks
  • Upper arms
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Double chin
  • Knees

What can I expect in terms of results?

Our non-surgical body shaping treatment creates gradual results over an optimal treatment plan to help you achieve an improved version of you. It may take several treatments to see your desired results. Ultimately, results will vary from person to person.

Who may be a candidate for non-surgical body shaping?

Non-surgical body shaping is an amazing and non-painful method to eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat. People of all sexes and skin tones may consider this option, along with those who may not be candidates for surgical body contouring procedures. Our specialists can help you decide whether non-surgical body contouring may be right for you during your consultation.

Want to Learn More?

Meet with Blaise or our aesthetics staff for a complementary consult and we will help develop the ideal plan for your needs. If you are interested in learning more our non-surgical body shaping options or any of our other treatment options, schedule your consultation with us today!


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