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Improve Your Intimate Experiences with the O-Shot

You know men talk about improving their intimate experiences all the time. Your partner has often made suggestions to enhance your relationship in the bedroom. It isn’t only men who want to get more pleasure out of their romantic encounters. You want to look forward to more than sleeping when you slip into bed at night, too. The problem is you have noticed vaginal changes that are holding you back. You don’t have the degree of sensitivity you used to enjoy. Orgasms are harder to achieve. It takes longer every time to the point that it feels like work. You’ve noticed that your lubrication has dropped off as well. Dryness leads to pain during intercourse. Pain is the last thing you need when you are trying to enjoy intimacy. You’ve decided it’s time to ask for help so that you can enjoy the bedroom once again. The O-Shot® could make a difference for you.

The O-Shot® Could be a Step in the Right Direction

The O-Shot® is a revolutionary approach to rejuvenate your vaginal tissues and improve sensitivity during intercourse. It uses PRP (platelet-rich plasma) that is taken from your own blood sample. PRP contains growth factors. It’s running through your veins all the time, making repairs as needed to damaged cells. When you are injured or you have had a surgical procedure, PRP will promote healing.

When you have the O-Shot®, PRP is separated from the other components that make up your blood. Your vaginal tissues will be numbed and the PRP will be injected into your vaginal area. At that point, concentrated amounts of PRP will be hard at work to repair any tissues that have been damaged. Whether you have had children, you are getting older, or menopause has caused a hormonal imbalance, the O-Shot® can help to restore the tissues of your most delicate part of your body.

Talk to an Expert About the O-Shot®

If you have been experiencing discomfort during intimacy or your sensitivity isn’t what it used to be, the O-Shot® could be used to improve your situation. Make an appointment at RejuvaWell in Austin, TX to get all the facts about this innovative procedure. We are proud to also offer the P-Shot® for men. Contact us today to book a consultation!