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What Services Should You Do During the Winter?

One way to battle the winter doldrums is by refreshing your appearance. Most aesthetic services can be done at any time during the year. However, some services are best performed during the cooler months when there is less exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

For example, anything that is sublative is ideal. These procedures have 1-2 days of relative downtime, but makeup can easily cover up redness and peeling. A micro-needling is a perfect example. Micro-needling will resurface the skin and leave it flawless and glowing.


before-after-aquagoldAnother procedure that often goes along with that and is also a stand-alone procedure is AquaGold. This is a hand stamping micro-needling that goes to less depth than traditional micro-needling, so there is no downtime. With this device, there is a capsule that we fill with hyaluronic acid. It draws water into the skin as well as neurotoxin such as BOTOX®, which reduces pore size and will often use PRP as well.

With AQUAGOLD, a service found primarily in California, we can drive these substances directly into the skin. This procedure is painless and doesn’t require numbing. Results are seen very quickly.

Skin Care Products

Winter is also a good time to switch skin care products. Just as you change shampoo every couple of months as hair becomes resistant to the same product, it’s essential to switch skin care products periodically. We carry two medical grade lines: ZO® Skin Health, and RW Skin®.

Changing skin care in the winter is a good idea because you need a different level of sunblock. People also will often switch from serums to more robust moisturizers. The toggling between skin care products and regimens is important to maintain skin between treatments.

At RejuvaWell we don’t want to simply perform a procedure and then have people return for another treatment a month later. We want to nurture your skin health by having you protect and maintain your skin between treatments.

Would you like to enhance your appearance this winter? Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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