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What Is the Crossover in Medical and Aesthetics?

Happy couple huggingThe idea that internal and external health and beauty are disconnected runs contrary to the literature and what we know about healthy internal and external aging. In creating RejuvaWell , we are constantly looking for the nexus between the two and connecting the dots.

One Patient’s Story

One of our clients had been bleeding for four months because she was perimenopausal. It turns out her gynecologist had put her on a very high dose of Provera. This drug is a synthesized form of progesterone. Being on the medication caused the patient to gain 10 pounds and her skin to get a very ruddy complexion. Progesterone is known for increasing cravings for carbohydrates. What we did was decide to wait a month to run blood labs to determine what her natural hormone levels are.

Then we will start her on lower doses of whatever bioidentical supplements she requires. These could be progesterone, testosterone or estrogen. We always measure blood hormone levels again at six weeks to help us streamline and determine the appropriate dosage.

How Sermorelin can help

We are also going to add Sermorelin to her regimen assuming her labs come back saying she is a good candidate. Sermorelin can be helpful at any age, but especially during perimenopause and menopause. This human growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH or GRF) has several benefits:

  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Decreases body fat
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Boosts mental acuity

Sermorelin also has many other positive effects with virtually no negative ones.

It’s a precursor to growth hormone and is self-regulated in the brain. That means you cannot make too much that will cause adverse side effects. Many people, for example, take human growth hormones but not legally. Bodybuilders often take them to build muscle. Sermorelin is a safe alternative and provides all the same benefits with none of the negative effects. You can see in this example how clearly the nexus between internal and external are intertwined.

As we resolve this patient’s hormonal issues, she will go back to normal metabolism and losing weight. The Sermorelin will help with that. We also will be addressing skin concerns that resulted from an improper or ineffective prescription.

At our practice medical is first and aesthetics is second. We are happy to plump up lips for a party or give someone a more defined jawline. However, we are only doing these things when we know it is safe and effective.

TMJ Issues

Another example of where medical and aesthetics cross over can be easily described by TMJ issues. Many people grind their teeth and have a nightguard that they leave on their nightstand instead of in their mouth. These appliances are difficult to wear. Though the intention is always good, and people spend $600-800 to have these guards professionally manufactured by their dentist, the majority of people aren’t compliant in usage.

By injecting a neurotoxin into the masseter muscle, the ability to clench jaws and grind down teeth is diminished. Additionally, it will often thin the jawline and contour the face in a way that nothing else can accomplish. This is not unnatural because until those masseter muscles hypertrophied or became larger, the original jawline was different anyway. Years of grinding lead to a stronger masseter muscle and a different look in the lower face.

Men’s Sexual Health

In our country, it’s estimated that 30 million men in the U.S. have ED. Many are taking ED drugs for it. These are expensive and often have significant side effects. One common side effect is long-term headaches lasting up to three days after taking a pill.

The P-shot is a natural alternative to this. It creates the same effects at approximately the same price, but instead it’s using your own plasma from platelet-rich plasma derived from a small tube of blood. Men report a decrease in dysfunction and an increase in length, girth and erection hardness following this shot.

Women’s Sexual Health

For women who are experiencing sexual dysfunction, we use a radio frequency device called the Exilis Femme 360. There’s no downtime or pain. It’s a quick and easy three series treatment protocol that has many benefits. It seems to thicken the internal skin, increase lubrication, increase sensation and diminish stress urinary incontinence.

On the outside it lifts and creates the look of a 25 or 30-year old; that’s the aesthetic portion, but is far less significant. Over 95% of the women we have performed the Femme 360° procedure on are coming in with SUIs resulting from childbirth or age-related laxity. This incredible treatment does require touch-ups once or twice a year. But the entire treatment time is under 30 minutes. It’s painless and has no downtime.

We can help you look great on the outside and experience better health on the inside. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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