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What Can I Expect from BTL Exilis Ultra?

BTL Exilis Ultra™ has been helping people feel better and look better. Ultrasound energy and radiofrequency technology are combined to provide powerful, consistent, comfortable treatments. Various areas can be treated. Maybe you have spoken to a friend who has had these treatments in the past and now you’re wondering what you can expect from BTL Exilis Ultra™ treatments.

During these treatments, a special handpiece will move over the area in a circular motion. You will enjoy the warmth of the device during the treatment. Some have wondered if the treatment hurts. The treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical, and does not use needles. During the treatment, you are going to feel a slight warm sensation. If you have had a hot stone massage in the past, you have a basic idea of what to expect.

The treatment is relatively fast. The time needed for the treatment is going to vary depending on the area that you want to have treated. However, most treatments can be completed in just minutes.

What makes BTL Exilis Ultra™ so awesome is that there is little to no downtime. The vast majority of people who have this treatment performed walk out of the office and go right back to their normal activities. They don’t have residual discomfort, and there is no swelling. The area that has been treated may be slightly red or pink after the treatment. But this is going to disappear within an hour or so.

You should start to see the results of your treatment after your first few sessions. Of course, each patient is different. Some people may see results after their very first session. Others may need a series of treatment sessions before they see optimal results.

Right after your first treatment, you should notice that your skin is a little tighter and softer. The treatment is designed to trigger your body’s collagen production. So you are going to see results in the weeks after you finish your series of treatments. If you have a healthy lifestyle and you exercise, you should expect the results from this treatment to last for quite a long time.

You deserve to look great. You deserve to enjoy the way you look. With BTL Exilis Ultra™ treatments at RejuvaWell in Austin, you can expect results that you will be proud to show off. Contact us today for a consultation!