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October Not-So-Scary Specials


No down-time Executive Renewal Package

For those of you that want to make a significant difference within a week or two, we are offering the new executive package.


  • Neuromodulator including lip flip and/or brow tail lift
  • 2 syringes of facial filler
  • 1 syringe of lip filler
  • Aquagold treatment for fine lines and large pores
  • Full Face or Neck and Lower Face Skin Tightening (series of 4)
  • Dermasweep Facial
  • ZO Anti-Aging Skin Care Package

Value: $5499

October Renewal Package $4200


Known as Aquagold or the Korean Botox Facial, this treatment uses gentle microneedling (needles are made with 24K gold) to stimulate cellular renewal in the top layer of the skin. Add in vitamins, neuromodulators or fillers and you’ll have a new, fresh face in a day! Try Kojic acid to lighten hyperpigmentation. No Downtime!  Hyaluronic Acid with carefully selected vitamins, minerals, Botox and/or Filler. Add on to decollete or hands for free!

Regularly $800

October Special: $600 (including neck, decollete or hands)


Whether you want to scare the trick-or-treaters or  go out trick-or-treating on your own, it’s the perfect time to look a bit ‘off’. So… now’s the time to go for some procedures that may have some 3-4 day effects.

  • Perfect 10 Peel
  • Clear dead and dry, sun damaged skin to reveal a brightened smooth finish. You WILL peel from day 3-5, but just flaking and you can go to work, or school. Follow it up in a week with a Dermasweep to exfoliate any residual particles and rehydrate the skin.

Both Services Normally: $310
October Special: $225


We carry Botox, Jeauveau  and Dysport. Buy 40 units @ just $10/unit*

*Regularly $11.50-12.50/unit
October Special: 10/unit, minimum of 40 units


Get that cupid’s bow back with a ‘lip flip’ and raise your eyebrows with a ‘brow tail lift’.

Just $150 for both!


Tighten anything using painless radiofrequency. Most women want to tighten neck and lower face, but others want cheek and lower face lifted. Non-surgical series of 4 yields beautiful results. See our before and after images!

Normally $1800-$2200
October Special: $400 discount on any Exilis Skin tightening package




We know people suffer but don’t want to discuss. The P shot is for men. Using a painless injection of your own Platelet Rich Plasma, function is restored or dramatically improved for most people without drugs or surgery.  Requires a series of 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, but results begin much sooner. Call to discuss.

Series price normally $5700

October Special $5200 (Save $500!)


Jump, cough and sneeze with confidence. No more leg-crossing!

Though we can also perform an O shot for women, often intimate rejuvenation using the Femme 360 is all that is needed to tighten internal and external tissue, increase lubrication and most importantly, diminish urinary stress incontinence. Painless 30 minute  radiofrequency treatment yields immediate results but the manufacturer protocol is a series of 3 spaces one week apart. Our patients have had wonderful results from this important treatment option from young women who have had babies to older women who want to restore themselves.

Normally $3200

October Special $2700

Gift Certificates

  • We have Gift Certificates!
  • Buy a gift certificate of over $200 and get $25 credit towards your own account.
  • Spend over $1000 and get a free ZO skin care starter pack. Valued at $125


  • Bring a friend for a Dermasweep, and you each get a Dermasweep for the price of one!
  • 10% of all RW products

Free “Fire and Ice” Peel

  • Review us on our website, Yelp & Google, let us film and post your procedure on FB and Instagram and get a free Fire & Ice Facial or $100 off any service over $500.

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