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Skin Age

How to Determine Your Skin Age

The first step in determining what can be done is to assess your skin age. Here is a rubric. If you find your skin age is more than your chronological age, it may be time to visit us!

  1. happy coupleLook in a magnifying mirror to see whether you have uneven skin tone, enlarged pores around your nose, forehead or chin, dark spots, blemishes, or folds that create wrinkles. Score one point for each positive. 5 points total.
  2. Put your hands on each side of your cheeks from your upper cheek to your jaw line. Laterally moving up and down, notice how the skin moves, to assess laxity. Zero points if it’s only a quarter of an inch. Add one point for each half inch that it moves. In other words, if it moves an entire inch, that would be three points. 5 points total.
  3. Pull your eyebrows together, lift them up, purse your lips, and smile. Lines that remain between your eyebrows, on your forehead, around your lips, and at the corners of your eyes each get one point. 4 points total.
  4. While not smiling, and not looking at magnifying mirror, look for hollow areas underneath your eyes, at your temples, and on either side of your children. One point each. 4 points total.
  5. Notice whether your jaw line is tight and smooth or is showing jowls. Rate jowls one through three in terms of severity. 3 points total.

Total up all of your points. The maximum is 21 points.

Skin Age Scale

1-3: your skin age is approximately 18 to 25

4-7: your skin age is 25 to 32.

8-11: your skin age is 32 to 40.

12-14: your skin age is 41 to 50

15-17: you are likely 51 to 58.

18+: you are likely 59 or older.

If you didn’t get the number you wanted, don’t fret. We can help! Schedule a consult (at no cost) with one of the skin coaches at RejuvaWell and we can discuss good options that fit your lifestyle and budget.

We are not trying to change you, just help you be the best you.

How Can I Improve My Skin Age?

Now that you have an approximate skin age, figuring out what to do to change that is no different than figuring out how to get your body in better physical shape. No, you don’t have to do anything, but most likely you want to.

Uneven skin tone can be addressed in several ways depending upon severity. For the most significant issues, we would recommend using Z0 brand growth factor to strengthen the skin. The recommended steps to follow would likely be the following.

  1. A series of three microneedling with skin pen including PRP therapy on one or more of those sessions.
  2. Initiate proper skincare regime.
  3. Lightning peels or product to reduce dark spots.
  4. Dermasweep facials: Initially once a week for three weeks, followed by maintenance of once a month. These facials exfoliate, extract, and infuse the skin with needed botanical micronutrients.

Skin laxity can be addressed sometimes with proper skincare, but Exilis Ultra skin tightening, which has a protocol of a series of four spaced one week apart, is very effective for tightening skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced or eliminated through the use of a neurotoxin such as Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport.

Deeper wrinkles will require specific dermal fillers. Hollow areas, due to the loss of fat and collagen can be addressed both with microneedling and dermal filler.

Jowls can be reduced by lifting the mid-face, skin tightening, sometimes fat reduction, and filler.

Contact us for a no-cost consult and we can create a skin health plan for you. It’s simple to work towards correction, but requires an orchestrated plan. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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