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Sexual Health in Austin

Couple sitting on bedThe arena of sexual health is often reduced to classic medical analysis. Patients tell us that they have discussed issues with their doctors and are either prescribed antidepressants or Viagra and Cialis. Often it is recommended that they find a therapist because it is all in their head. Perimenopause is reduced to the 10-year time period in which women should expect and accept significant physical changes.

While it is essential to rule out dysfunction, pain or a decrease in libido due to pathology, most often sexual health function and health decline with natural aging.

Our approach at RejuvaWell  is multi-factorial. Of course, we evaluate medical pathology, but we use several tools to expand our understanding of your physiology. Utilizing the knowledge from integrative medicine, we can test whether medications or functionality is impacting your sex health. Our advanced labs will help us determine exactly what is causing negative changes in sexuality. We offer several solutions:

UltraFemme 360

For women, we understand that laxity, lubrication and ease of orgasm change with age. The UltraFemme 360 is a radio frequency device that tightens and plumps internal and X eternal tissue while increasing lubrication and decreasing stress urinary incontinence. Often this remarkable treatment alone takes care of these problems. People who have had cancer, and breast cancer treatment are often unable to correct these resulting deficiencies with hormones. Close to our heart is the ability to make significant life-improving changes for this population.

Bio identical hormones for both men and women can normalize and optimize hormone levels which not only improve libido, but also provide side-effects of increased energy, vitality, and functionality.

The PRP Shots

The O-Shot and Priapus Shot are trademarked names involving a simple procedure to use your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate sexual experience.

Many men find that the PRP shot replaces their need for erectile dysfunction drugs, which can be life-changing. The drugs frequently lead to intense headaches and unwanted long-lasting uncontrollable erections. Additionally, combined with a short protocol and pump, most men not only find solutions for ED, but also experience an increase in length and girth.

The Orgasm Shot appears to be surprisingly effective in restoring the ability to orgasm with ease.

And lastly, overall internal health and aesthetic aspirations, when we are honest, are also largely driven by sexual health ambition.

How Can We Help?

If any of these problems are impacting your life, please Schedule a completely confidential consultation with one of our team members, to see how we may help.


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