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Sermorelin/Ipamorelin plus peptides in Austin


Why don’t I know about Sermorelin and anti-aging research?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is known to be a strong anti-aging and muscle building hormone. But it is not without serious side-effects. There are countless benefits to optimizing your HGH production levels, but dosing with HGH can be dangerous. Sermorelin and Ipamorelin are natural precursor to HGH and has no known negative side-effects!

We typically begin with Sermorelin that includes the peptides GHRP6 and GHRP2. After a few month, we may switch to either a combination Sermorelin/Ipamorelin or just Ipamorelin with CJC1296 peptides. Peptide therapy is the new frontier in maintaining many properties of youth.

Decreased energy levels, muscle mass, libido, metabolism, quality sleep, and memory loss coupled with increased body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol and wrinkling and aging skin are all signs of aging.

Your body can naturally improve in these areas with Sermorelin. While it is not a magic fountain of youth that will change how you look and feel immediately, some of the health benefits are seen more quickly. For example, changes in energy levels, improved sleep and libido can often happen in the first weeks of starting Sermorelin. But it can take up to six months to experience weight loss, improved muscle mass and other biometrics in body composition.

Sermorelin stimulates your body’s natural release of HGH. Higher levels of HGH approximate the ‘youthful’ benefits of HGH that we all once had. HGH has a bad name because people who are using it are procuring it illegally and/or off-label and searching for extreme results rather than long term health. Unnaturally high levels of HGH and negative side effects and health risks ensue. Synergistically, Sermorelin works harmoniously with your body these negative side effects and health risks are virtually non-existent.


How can you benefit from using peptide therapies? We can appreciate the potential benefits of hGh replacement by looking at the symptoms of hGH decline and the effect that replacement has on those symptoms. These are detailed below:

1. Body Composition

A decrease in lean body mass (muscle) and an increase in fat mass. Improving hGH levels may increase muscle mass and reduce fat.

2. Bone Density

Decreased bone density leads to an increased risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Clinical studies demonstrate that replacing hGH for more than 12 months can lead to higher bone density.

3. Muscles & Overall Body Strength

Muscle mass decreases unless continued stress (exercise) is used to try to counteract the natural atrophy that occurs with age.  Strength therefore also declines. Peptide therapy aids in improving muscle mass which in turn, enhances body composition and muscle strength. Some of our patients have noticed a decrease in overall body fat and an increase in visible muscle mass by doing nothing other than adding Sermorelin and peptides to their daily routine. Though some people notice changes as soon as 2 months, optimal dosage time is 6 month.

4. Joint Health

In our chiropractic division, we see a variety of degenerative joint disease, arthritis and decreased joint spaces. Higher growth hormone levels are associated with healthier and younger ligaments, tendons and synovial tissue; and the combination of enhanced muscle mass serves to protect joints.

5. Physical Performance

Performance is best in people who have higher levels of human growth hormone. Obviously this is why the lure of dangerous growth hormone injections sometimes seduces body builders.  It’s also why elite athletes are young!

6. Healthy Hearts

There are some interesting journal studies regarding the plaque inside arteries having a positive correlation with lower levels of growth hormone. Interestingly, and only tangentially related, Linus Pauling speculated that atherosclerosis was not possible without a deficiency of Vitamin C!

7. Metabolism

A higher overall and resting metabolism leads to faster cellular turnover and cellular metabolism. Human growth hormone may positively impact metabolism.

8. Skin Quality

As we age, skin thickness and resiliency (due to decreased collagen synthesis) declines. Quality, elasticity and cell turnover is often improved with peptide therapy.

9. Libido

At RejuvaWell, sexual health is often a multipronged approach.  Many people incorporate peptide therapy into their overall sexual health protocol. P

11. Overall Benefits

In general, our patients report a myriad of positive benefits after incorporating Sermorelin, Ipamorelin and peptides into their health routine.  Some report that just the better sleep leads to a cascade of overall improvement. For example, because they are rested, they wake up refreshed, so they exercise more, and as they begin to look and feel better, they make healthier choices. And… none of this stuff is inexpensive! So sometimes making Peptide Therapy the first change people make is what guides other healthy decisions–which in turn creates an overall sense of greater health and well-being.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sermorelin, schedule your consultation with us today.



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