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Rejuva Medical

Woman doctor and female patientRejuvaWell Medical offers highly specialized Holistic Gynecology and Life Cycle Integrative Medicine addressing age management. We establish a close relationship with our patients and use the best that technology provides to optimize health and manage the effects of aging.

Though our focus includes several multisyllabic words that are seemingly unintelligible, (functional/integrative medicine, nutrigenomics, pharmacogenetics, stem-cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma, nutraceuticals, etc.), the point is to utilize genetic and metabolic information with advanced lab testing and examination to optimize living.

Our On-Site Services

We are pleased to provide our clients with the following:

We do on-site allergy testing and will compound topical immunotherapy—no shots! We will even deliver all prescriptions you may have to your door! And, we will sync them, so all refills occur on the same day. We can even compound treats with medicine for your pets.

Simplified Medical Care

Thanks to our Rejuva Medical services, you won’t have to travel to multiple practitioners’ offices as RejuvaWell offers a broad array of medical solutions under one roof. Contact our Austin practice today to book a convenient appointment! We’re open on Saturdays.

Rejuva Medical
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