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Gone are the days of 7-10 days’ downtime following a procedure. RejuvaWell has carefully selected the best of medical spa technological devices designed to eliminate downtime. Our machines are limited to radiofrequency because they are quick, mostly painless and highly effective. We can help reduce wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, and intimate rejuvenation.

Our Services

Body Sculpting

If you’ve tried diet and exercise but still haven’t been able to get rid of those extra pounds, we offer effective non-surgical body sculpting that can be used on many areas of the body.

Skin Revision

Rejuvenate your facial appearance with skin resurfacing. These anti-aging treatments can address a broad array of cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, age spots and more.

Intimate Rejuvenation

We provide intimate (vaginal) rejuvenation to address aging tissues of the vulva and vagina. Intimate rejuvenation can restore function and result in a more youthful appearance.


Rejuvenate your appearance and enjoy a younger-looking you with injectables. We offer 4 lip-enhancing products, 3 mid face lifting solutions and 8 different fine line fillers. All are FDA-approved, safe and effective.

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Discover how our RejuvaLight technology can allow you to get the services you need without substantial downtime.

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