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PRP Therapy: What are the Benefits?

As you continue to grow older, your body may not heal like it used to. Additionally, external signs of aging may begin to show. This may make you feel less-than-stellar about your appearance, leading to a declination in self-esteem and confidence and an overall sentiment of malaise. If you are experiencing the detrimental effects of age, including slowed healing times and hair loss, but are considering PRP therapy, you may be wondering just how it can help you.

PRP therapy works by taking your body’s already existing plasma and creating a plasma-rich concentrate to be re-injected directly into your body. This is an all-natural method of treatment that works well for those who may have adverse side effects from other therapies. Because PRP therapy can be targeted and concentrated, this may be particularly helpful for specific areas of concern, such as an injury site or thinning hair on your scalp.

Accidental and sports-related injuries may take excessively long times to heal, even with the assistance of physical therapy and surgery. If you are nursing an injury to the best of your ability but are looking to shorten recovery time or prevent surgical intervention, PRP therapy may help you to heal. PRP therapy will jump-start your body’s natural healing properties directly at the injury site, but in a concentrated manner that will speed up your healing time significantly.

Sadly, pain is commonly associated with an injury. If you are doing your best to cope with high levels of pain to no avail, you may want to consider PRP therapy as a way to help. With PRP therapy, your pain will decrease without the use of addictive prescription opiates.

Although your bodily changes may feel overwhelming and somewhat frightening, there is hope available to you. If you or your loved ones are considering PRP therapy as a way to get your life back on track, consult with us at RejuvaWell in Austin, TX. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more.