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Medical Evaluation for Aesthetic Patients

exit sign to healthy lifeOften people come to our office simply wanting a med spa treatment. During our exam, which we perform on every patient, it’s common to learn about other medical complaints that patients are experiencing. On the spot we are able to draw a variety of blood labs and DNA testing. These help us determine not just appropriate treatments, but overlapping medical concerns.

Our standard wellness panel includes a complete hormone analysis. It also includes everything and more than your doctor would typically order during an annual exam. At RejuvaWell , our lab has patient-friendly billing. This means that there are no out-of-pocket costs for anyone who has insurance. When you go to a standard lab that your doctor has prescribed you get a bill for coinsurance and copays. At our practice you do not.

We offer additional testing that we feel is incredibly important for some. Of course we can order any additional labs that we think are necessary and not standard, but we particularly offer three additional tests.

Blood Allergy Testing

At our practice when we find out what the allergens are, we can individually have immunotherapy compounded. This is equivalent to getting allergy shots which have very low compliance. That’s because people don’t want to come into the office for shots once or twice a week. With compounded immunotherapy, you simply apply a cream that does the same thing. It’s usually covered by most insurance companies.

SpectraCell Micronutrient and Telomere Testing

We also offer SpectraCell micronutrient and telomere testing. Micronutrients are important in determining what supplementation is required. We do these before most IV infusions. The idea that you can walk into a clinic and order what you want injected in your bloodstream seems completely absurd.

With micronutrient testing we can customize exactly what deficiencies are and infuse what is actually needed. It’s the same story with vitamin shots. Telomere testing and SpectraCell measures your actual chronological age. This is important because it allows people to make modifications based on how their body is currently aging.

Pharmacogenetics Testing

Another test we do is pharmacogenetics testing. This is a simple DNA swab that generates a 46- page report detailing exactly which medications your body can and cannot synthesize. A colleague of ours tells the story about prescribing opioids post-surgery for a patient. The patient kept returning and asking for more saying that they were not working.

The doctor assumed that the patient was trying to get more opioids. The pharmacogenetics report came back and said “Will not respond to opioids. Try ibuprofen instead.” Anyone who is on medication should have pharmacogenetics testing. Even if you are not, a pharmacogenetics testing report should be stored in your phone.

If, for example, you found yourself in the ER or an accident, that report would save doctors a lot of time. That’s because they can see what medications you can and can’t take. It also recommends alternatives in cases when something is contraindicated. The idea that this technology has been around for more than five years and is not a standard test done on everyone is extraordinary. Everyone should have this information about their DNA.

If you would like additional information about these tests or wish to schedule a consultation, contact our practice today!

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