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Marques Johns

Austin LMT, Marques Johns


A native Texan who spent several years honing his massage skills in Chicago, Marques returned to serving the Austin community in 2006 as a clinical manual therapist. He began training in myofascial release and structural dysfunction therapy in 2007 and has been with Dr. Paris since 2012. Marques is able to quickly adapt and apply various techniques seamlessly into his scope of knowledge in dealing with numerous structural dysfunctional issues which proven have to be highly effective for our patients. He can assess and treat soft tissue problems while at the same time educating the patient to provide them with an understanding of how the dysfunction has been established, as well as helping each individual learn measures of self care that can reduce and help ameliorate their specific behaviors that cause a negative adaptive condition.

Working in conjunction with Dr. Paris and the other therapists, he is happy to have joined our team and has quickly become an integral part of of RejuvaWell . Marques’ ultimate goal is to help facilitate a rebalancing of the musculoskeletal system, educate the people he treats so that they are equipped with a better knowledge of self-care to prevent structural abnormalities, and doing so in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and professional. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for Massage therapy, call or email us!


Marques Johns (512) 640-8090