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Marie Strickland-Finger

Advanced Medical Injector


Hello, beautiful people! Thank you so much for visiting RejuvaWell.

When I started in the Aesthetic industry Botox Cosmetic, Hyaluronic Acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and many other equipment and products had not hit the USA yet. To get your filler, you would have to obtain a skin test by allowing us to put a small implant in the bend of your arm. Two weeks later, we would have you come in to let us see if you had an allergic reaction. After confirming no reaction occurred we would inject collagen that would only last 2-3 months at best. Laser vein and hair removal was all the rave, and the Bragada Bra breast enhancer (wow was this a contraption) was a big hit at that time for women who did not want breast surgery to enlarge their breasts. I was extremely fortunate to fall into the medical aesthetics side of the beauty industry. I was privileged enough to be able to train with many of the pioneers of the Aesthetic industry and master the art of IPL Photofacial, facial sculpting with injectables, and develop a strong following.

I Want Everyone To Feel At Home

I believe that when you come into an aesthetics spa, it should be inviting and you should feel welcomed with warmth. I want everyone to feel at home, safe, and not intimidated as some places can make you feel. I know how I want to be treated because I receive services as well.

When you come for a treatment, you should be receiving what you’re paying for and leave without incident. In the Aesthetic industry today, everyone has a spa. Everyone wants to offer these types of services, but not everyone has hands-on experience or adequate training, which can make choosing a skincare spa confusing. I have performed tens of 1000’s of IPL Photofacials, Injections and other services. I continue to educate my self on what the latest techniques are and only use products that are tried and true because not all injectables are reversible or safe. I will only use on you what I would use on myself or my loved ones. When you leave, I hope you feel that you were welcomed, understood and of course more beautiful!


Marie Strickland-Finger
(512) 640-8090