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IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots in Austin

smiling womanSometimes even the greenest, leafiest and most balanced of meal plans are not effective. Poor diet, nutritional compromise, age, auto-immune conditions, and lifestyle can keep valuable nutrients from reaching cells.

Fortunately, IV therapy, also known as nutrient therapy can help. Vitamins and minerals that normally pass through the digestive system can be more easily absorbed through IV therapy by bypassing the gut and entering the bloodstream directly.

We can customize Vitamin Shots as nutrient therapy too. Most typically, Vitamin B12 or Vitamin C are is lacking. But there are several other vitamins and nutrients that we can add to a shot to optimize your health. We even have an amazing shot for weight loss! These are simple intra-muscular nutritional shots that take 10 seconds to administer and less than 10 minutes door to door.

If you’re interested in IV therapy, contact our team at RejuvaWell in Austin. Our goal is to help our clients feel and look their best.

Why Choose RejuvaWell for IV Therapy?

IV Infusion Clinics are popping up everywhere. People walk in and order whatever they think they may be deficient in. At RejuvaWell, we test micronutrients and then infuse what you really need. Medically and ethically, we feel it is our responsibility to determine what a body needs through objective measures rather than allowing people to randomly order from a menu as though they are in a restaurant. Consider that a needle in your vein with a bag of something called ‘Hydrate or Hangover Relief’ might actually be a significant medical decision.

We do think this therapy can be extremely beneficial. Malnutrition erodes the immune system which in turn, diminishes macronutrient intake. IV therapy breaks the cycle more quickly than diet alone. People who suffer from frequent infections and colds can often be helped by infusing the combination of certain vitamins and nutrients they need.

What to Expect

During IV nutrient therapy, a needle and catheter are skillfully inserted into a vein, and your IV dripping will begin. You should be able to go home right after your appointment.

Although IV therapy is becoming quite popular in Austin and becoming a fad around the country, it isn’t right for everyone. It is important to consult with a qualified professional to determine whether this therapy is right for you.

Getting Started with IV Therapy

We warmly invite you to schedule a consultation with our team at RejuvaWell to learn more. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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