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Fire and Ice Facial

fire and ice treatment on female patientThe Fire and Ice Facial, by iS Clinical, is considered the Hollywood Red Carpet Facial—famous for its instant brightening, smoothing and tightening of the skin. This incredible clinical facial is designed to resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and deep clean blocked pores—all with no downtime to leave you “red carpet” ready!

Using warm and cool elements, this facial is fast and appears to smooth and tighten skin immediately making it photo-ready! Though quick, easy and painless, the treatment is intensive as the serums and creams, with aromas of warm cinnamon and cool peppermint, precisely combine two professional treatment masques.

The facial starts with the “fire,” which is a warm resurfacing masque formulated with 18% unbuffered glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, retinol, Vitamin B3 and powerful antioxidants including green tea. The facial tingles as it begins to work its magic.

After this phase, the cool “ice” part of the facial masque is applied which soothes the skin. But more importantly, this secondary peel contains hyaluronic acid, moisture pulling molecules which hydrate the skin. Aloe Vera, licorice and rosemary extracts complete the more pampering part of the cooling facial procedure and leave skin glowing.

Afterward, the skin may be slightly red for an hour. There should be no flaking or peeling or downtime. For best results, repeat this facial every four weeks for a total of six facials until the desired clinical effect is achieved. Each treatment results in further improvement in skin tone and quality. The facial is an excellent option for all skin types and ages but especially great for cellular renewal, which means reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


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