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Dr. Brian Gore

Passion For Service

Dr Brian Gore, ChiropractorDr. Brian Gore was first introduced to the healing arts at Camden Physical Therapy clinic in San Antonio, where he grew up and worked as a PT aid. There he developed a passion for service in the treatment of disease, injury, and physical function by learning how massage, heat, physical rehabilitation and exercise could heal people better than drugs or surgery.

He moved to Austin in 2003 to pursue a health care education and to further his passion for martial arts; which he had been studying since the age of 12. During one intense training session, he sustained a severe neck injury from falling incorrectly and was unable to move his head for over a month! A friend suggested he see a chiropractor. This experience was life altering. After a series treatments which lead to a complete resolution of pain and restoration of full range of motion, the power of chiropractic care redefined his interest in healthcare and healing.

Chiropractic Education

Dr. Brian Gore, graduated from Parker University with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a Bachelor of Science in Wellness. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to caring for patients including full spine chiropractic adjustments, upper cervical techniques, massage therapy, nutrition, stretching and exercises, Dr. Gore is a highly effective chiropractor. With an array of treatment modalities to analyze and correct physical restrictions, few cases are too challenging.
Dr. Gore is a gifted athlete, promoting his own understanding of health and wellness. His unique perspective of chiropractic, biomechanics, posture and the importance of free-form dynamic movement to heal the body aids in helping patients reach their fullest potential.

Dr. Gore is a great asset at  RejuvaWell where he can work with two other highly experienced doctors using advanced technologies to enhance patient care and a fabulous staff who genuinely care about people.


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