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Concierge Medicine in Austin

Doctor and patient filling out paperworkRejuvaWell is unlike any other traditional concierge medicine practice. RejuvaWell is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, specifically tailored to wellness, vitality and women’s health needs.

We don’t accept or bill any insurance (private or government). Instead, we offer unlimited visits and care for a monthly or annual fee, which is often less than it would cost in insurance co-pays and deductibles alone.

Our Approach

As a concierge medicine practice, RejuvaWell can keep our patient base small – around 300 patients per provider.  Our non-medical overhead is low, so we can offer lower prices. We can deliver greatly increased time and access to your physician at a reasonable price. Our practitioners can focus on your needs and you will have time to develop a close, trusting doctor-patient relationship.

  • Annual physical exams that will usually include some in-office tests and procedures, such as urinalyses, pap smears, allergy testing, routine blood labs, etc with no additional out of pocket expenses. Other advanced labs performed out of the office are not included in your membership but are available if recommended.
  • Access to an onsite lab, diagnostic ultrasound and pathology services (including readings for biopsies and pap smears) and nearby radiology, at heavily discounted rates.  No out of pocket expenses for routine blood labs.
  • Availability of most prescription medications at reduced prices with onsite or home delivery.

What this means to you:

  • Individually-tailored and collaboratively-developed plans to optimize your health and well-being.
  • Ample visit time and appointments that are not rushed or hurried.
  • Ultra-attentive service with reliable follow-up.
  • On-time appointments with no or minimal wait times.
  • Same-day or next-day availability; unlimited well and sick visits (same-day or next-day) with no copays.
  • Personal, beautiful office environment that uses the best that technology offers.
  • Complex care coordination with select specialists and other care providers including regular communication and consultation.
  • Access to deep discounts on certain lab work, imaging, sub-specialist visits and/or procedures which may be needed outside of our office. We always help negotiate the best rates for all healthcare needs to ensure you are not overpaying for any services which may be needed outside of our office.

****Aesthetic services and hormone analysis are not included in membership pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need medical insurance if I join your plan?

We recommend that you carry health insurance to provide coverage for services not performed in our office.  Your annual fee will allow us to perform medical, laboratory or x-ray services in the office at no additional cost.  Outside the office, you will still be responsible for charges incurred, such as: hospital bills, prescriptions, consultations with specialists, CAT or MRI scans, as well as tests performed at other laboratories.  I suggest that you discuss your coverage needs with your insurance provider.  You may require only major medical coverage or be able to buy lower cost, higher deductible insurance than you currently carry.

My insurance currently covers doctor fees. Why can’t I use it at your office?

Our vision is a care system supported by our own patients and committed to extraordinary care and service.  The rates at which most insurance companies currently reimburse physicians for their services prevent us from providing you the high level of care and service we envision.

I am in a managed care plan. Can I still join your plan?

Yes.  Your annual fee ensures you access to care from me regardless of your insurance plan.  However, you should know that your managed care company, or your health maintenance organization (HMO), may refuse to pay for any services or prescriptions that are not ordered by one of their physicians.

What kind of insurance will work best with your new plan?

Traditional fee-for-service plans, even if part of a preferred provider organization (PPO), will allow us to coordinate your care best.  They also permit you to make appointments with specialists yourself, should you desire.  Unlike managed care plans and some point-of-service plans, they do not require that your primary care physician be from their network.

If I go to an emergency room on the weekend or see another doctor, will you pay my bill?

No.  Your annual fee ensures you access to care at our office during regular office hours.  We will always be available for emergency phone calls and to act as your advisor.  There may be times when we agree that an emergency room visit is necessary.  You are responsible for any charges incurred for services not provided by us.

Do I still have to pay your annual fee if I am on Medicare?

Yes, you will be required to pay my annual fee.  However, Medicare should still pay for medical services obtained outside our office.

Can I join your plan later?

Maybe.  We believe that to provide the individualized, high-quality medical care that has been promised, we need to limit the number of patients enrolled.

What are my options if I want to continue as your patient, but I simply can’t afford the cost?

Although we have done our best to make this plan affordable, we realize that there will be some of you who will be unable to afford the annual fee.  We have established criteria for discounted participation in the clinic.  If you would like to be considered for discounted care, please note this on your application and someone from the office will contact you.

Is the annual fee tax deductible?

No one knows yet until the new tax code regulations are written. In addition, if your company has a Flex (Section 125) Plan or a HSA (Health Savings Account), you should be able to receive reimbursement for your annual payment with “before tax dollars.”  I encourage you to talk with your tax advisor and employer about these options.

Will I receive a discount if I don’t have my annual physical exam or use all your services?

No. Your annual fee covers our availability for complete supervision of your medical care.  We encourage each patient to see us on a regular basis.  Preventive care is the best foundation for an excellent quality of life.

If I become ill and require extensive medical services, will my bill increase?

Never.  There is no financial penalty for illness.

Since I need to keep my insurance, will there be any problem with reimbursement for outside tests ordered?

Most of you are in medical plans in which “out of network” providers can order tests and provide hospital care.  On the other hand, a few of you are in managed care plans which almost certainly will refuse to pay for any test we order.  You may be required to get permission for these tests from your assigned “gatekeeper.”  For this reason, we recommend you re-evaluate the kind of insurance you have.  However, regardless of your coverage, we will make every effort to get you the best care your insurance will allow.

Is the cost of prescriptions covered or discounted through my annual fee?

No.  But, as always, we will attempt to provide you with free samples whenever possible or with information to financially assist you in paying for your medications.

What happens if I move after I join?

Your medical records will be sent promptly upon your permission for release of information.  The balance of your yearly fee will be prorated and refunded.

If I get married or have/adopt a child, can I extend coverage to my new family members?

Children over 2, spouses and partners can be added if there is space available in the practice.

Fee with Discount for Bank Draft

(paid at least quarterly)

Age 50+ -$135/Month (Direct Annual $1450) (Couple $2500/Yr)

Age 40-49 -$105/Month (Direct Annual $1150) (Couple $2000/Yr)

Age 18-39- $95/Month ($1050) (Couple $1800/yr)

Age 10-17 -$70/Month ($750)

Student- $50/Month

For those 25-years old and under attending school full time. The student must join with another adult member at the full membership price.

Because of the time set for appointments, we need to impose a $200 fee on initial appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance and a $50 no show fee on follow up appointments.


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