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Am I a Candidate for Stem Cell Joint Regeneration?

It seems that we all know someone who has experienced joint replacement at one point or another in their lifetimes. However, it seems different when we are experiencing it ourselves. If you have been handling a debilitating condition that has led you to the path of potential joint replacement, you may also be considering alternatives to surgical intervention and artificial joints. Joint replacement is not an easy procedure to endure, especially as we age, and the recovery alone may be difficult to manage. If you are hoping to avoid surgical intervention and joint replacement all together, one alternative may be found through stem cell joint regeneration. Here are a few of the many ways for you to find out if you are a good candidate for stem cell joint regeneration.

  • Discuss any concerns you may have with our team of professionals. If you are worried about the procedure not working properly, speak with us to see how we feel you will fare during joint regeneration therapy.
  • Harvesting bone marrow from your own body is the key to producing the regenerative cells that will eventually be injected into your joints. This means that there is little chance for rejection or infection of the stem cells.
  • If you need a hip replacement, you will probably need to have surgery to replace the joint. However, if you need a different joint replaced, such as your shoulder or knee, you will more than likely do very well with stem cell joint regeneration at our office.
  • If you are experiencing joint pain, but are otherwise relatively healthy, this treatment will most likely benefit you. However, it all depends on the unique situation.
  • If you expect treatment to be a one-time thing, this may not be for you. Stem cell joint regeneration treatment may very well be necessary as a one-time visit. However, studies show that pain may return after a few months. This means you may need to seek treatment several more times, as the results are not automatically permanent.

If you are pondering your options for joint replacement and wish to avoid surgical intervention, stem cell joint regeneration at RejuvaWell in Austin, TX may work wonders for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more!