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Blood Lab Test

All Blood Lab Tests Are Not The Same

A typical standard lab tests basic markers for health such as red and white blood cells, lipids and perhaps inflammatory markers. We offer as a basic panel, a host of tests that check for metabolic functions including Thyroid, Liver, Kidney and another 10-20 tests that are not typically tested. Additionally, what is ‘normal’ is a broad range that doesn’t account for the individual. For example, the range for Thyroid function is enormous. Typically, if your numbers fall somewhere within that range, your doctor will tell you Thyroid is normal. But we integrate several other tests as well as talking with you and assessing true function that allow us to make more accurate assessments.

In addition to basic blood lab test, if you are taking any medications whatsoever, we sometimes recommend Pharmacogenetic testing. This test has been available for quite some time, but insurance does not cover it, so doctors do not often recommend it. This testing tests your DNA and how it interacts with medications so more specific recommendations can be made. As an example, one doctor we know had a patient who after surgery kept requesting more opiates for pain. The doctor assumed the person just wanted more drugs. Pharmacogenetic testing revealed that the patients body could not process opiods, but that ibuprofen would be better. That did the trick!

SpectraCell labs is the only blood lab in the country that tests micronutrients. Knowing which supplements your body actually needs is more cost effective than taking a slew of expensive vitamins that are not required. They also can test cardiovascular and aging markers that help you and our doctor determine what can be done to optimize health.

Through ImmunoLabs, we offer food sensitivity testing.

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